Friday, December 2, 2011

A Video Worth Watching

I'm back again... I was introduced to this video and the website that the presenter operates by ECMECC's technology integration specialist, Jon Larson.

Adam Bellow is a former teacher turned educational technologist from New York. This video was presented at a conference in August 2011 and is very, very thought provoking and well done. Now we just need to act on some of the things he talks about in this presentation!

If you can find 15 minutes now or later to watch it, you shouldn't be disappointed. You may not agree with everything, but at minimum, you will think! Pay particular attention to some of the things he says about professional development! Then, when you are done, share this with administrators, curriculum directors, professional development coordinators, technology staff, teachers and anyone else who might watch it.

His website is called Edutecher. Lots of good information there. He has a mobile app as well so you can load it on your iOS or Android device. While the video above is from YouTube, if that is blocked by your school, it is also available on the Edutecher website ( Enjoy!

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