Thursday, July 30, 2009

A little late to the party... but here we are.

One of my favorite episodes of the 1980's (and early 90's) sitcom, "Cheers" is when main character Sam Malone, the "once was" major league pitcher now tending bar in a small watering hole in Boston "where everybody knows your name," is given the opportunity to fill in as a TV sports reporter. Part of his duties are to do a nightly commentary called "I on sports." He proceeds to provide captivating discourse on such controversial topics as... "cheering for the home team" and "natural grass or artificial turf." His ticket back to bar tending is validated when he turns to a rap and ventriloquism on back to back broadcasts.

Why do I mention this? Well, I'm certainly late to the blog party. Hey... despite years of work in education technology, I'm not always an early adopter! Despite the tardiness, I hope NOT to be one of those people who thinks they have something to say but, in reality, has no business, "doing the sports news on TV." What I DO hope is that I can provide engaging and perhaps, once in a while, entertaining information about technology in the K-12 schools. I may cover the role of traditional IT in the school environment, new and interesting instructional applications, administrative issues such as funding or staffing, and maybe an opinion or two.

I expect to invite some "guests" to write at times and I invite comments and feedback of all kinds. We'll get this party going full steam next week. In the meantime, enjoy this set of clips from Cheers - and, "Cheers"!!

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  1. I think you'll be brilliant and I look forward to your thoughts on technology and other shiny objects. Maybe even your opinions on chickens.